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Founded in 1993, Friends of Crater Lake National Park is a non-profit organization cooperating with the National Park Service in the stewardship of the natural and cultural resources of Crater Lake National Park. Cooperation may be provided through supporting appropriate visitor opportunities to observe, experience and understand the character of the area; working with park staff in completing special projects; and taking the

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The Friends of Crater Lake National Park comes from all walks of life and from all parts of the U.S. and the world. Many are alumni of the park , having worked in the park for the National Park Service, the concessionaire or a contractor. We share the common goal of protecting and preserving the most precious and unique of America's crown jewels: Crater Lake National Park.


National Parks are created by acts of congress to preserve the very best of America' natural and cultural  heritage. The National Park service was created to provide that protection.  The Friends seek to complement the many strengths of the National Park Service with its own unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience of its membership


The Friends works closely with park staff to identify and prioritize unfunded needs and then meet those challenges through the use of volunteers.

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