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Each year we sponsor several projects. Refer to our latest newsletter for list of dates and activities that we have scheduled this year. Our summer program activities include:

Project Weekend
Each summer we help maintain or build a trail in the park. In previous years we have helped reroute the Pacific Crest Trail to include a portion for lake viewing, rehabilitated the North Junction Overlook, and helped maintain existing trails.

During the 2008 Project Weekend, part of our group participated in the Bio-Blitz, looking for lichens while another group painted the exterior of the Annie Creek Entrance Station.  Small groups with knowledgeable scientists accompanying them fanned out over the park to look for new species of lichen and inventorying known species.

The painting group of about 7, under the capable leadership of board member Niel Barrett, spent Saturday scraping off old paint, taping windows and spreading tarps, and, finally, painting the entrance station while rangers inside the building collected fees and passed out brochures.  Park Superintendent, Craig Ackerman, helped for half the day taking his turn scraping off old paint.  What a difference the new paint made!

2005's event involved installing "Danger" signs to remind visitors to be careful around the caldera, cleanup/rehab of a backcountry campsite, and our ongoing Adopt a Highway project.

2004 brought us back to work on the ever popular Annie Creek  One of the foot bridges crossing Annie Creek needed to be replaced, and we were just the group to do it! We also spent some time working on water bars, trimming brush, and doing general tread repair.

The year 2003 brought us back to Lost Creek Campground to install bear-proof storage lockers. This was a fun and rewarding weekend and the end result will help improve the safety of both campers and black bears alike. See our for all the fun and hard work

2002 marked the centennial year of the creation of Crater Lake National Park. The Friends played an integral role working with the National Park Service and other park partners in celebrating this year-long event.

Our 2000 Trail Project Weekend started off the new century with relocating the trailhead to Crater Peak. The old trailhead was on the busy Loop Drive and had inadequate parking. The new trailhead is now in the Vidae Falls Picnic Area.  We continued this project in 2001, including installing new picnic tables plus additional trail work.

The 1999 trail project  in mid-August involved the construction of the first first interpretive trail in the park since 1963 -- the Park Headquarters Historic Walking Tour in the Munson Valley Historic District. Visit our for a look at Friends-in-action at 1999's event.

The trail project for 1998  we spent the weekend working on the ever popular Castle Crest Wildflower Garden Trail, doing trail tread and drainage work and replacing a creosote-treated bridge with a natural wood bridge using a historical design for the structure.

The trail project for 1997 was working on the Annie Creek Canyon Trail. Trail work included bridge replacement, installation of water bars, trail inventory with a mileage wheel and basic trail enhancement. The Sunday morning project was trail enhancement of the Discovery Point Trail (along the Rim) and additional work on the Annie Creek Canyon Trail.

1996's project was trail sign inventory and culvert removal on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). We hiked the Annie Creek connector trail which follows a portion of the old wagon road that went from Fort Klamath to Jacksonville in 1865. We made a significant contribution to the park and had a lot of fun!


Winter Rim
Information Desk

  Each winter many Friends have enjoyed staffing this desk in the cafeteria during winter weekends. A short training meeting is usually held in mid-November for those interested in participating.