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This page was last updated on 01/17/13


Visitors are always asking questions about the Park. Some are a little on the strange side.  Does the Lake go all away around?  Well, I think so???. Most visitors questions are pretty common.  The following web pages links above are a great example of some of the more common questions visitors ask.  

Facts about Crater Lake

  • Greatest Depth: 1,932'
  • Average Depth: 1,500'
  • Surface Elevation: Approximately 6,000'.
  • Widest Point: 6.02 miles.
  • Narrowest Point: 4.54 miles.
  • Distance around the lake: 33 miles
  • Height before collapse: estimated 11,000 to 12,000 feet.
  • Surface Temp: 32-65F
  • Last Total Freeze: 1949.
  • High Point on Rim: Hillman Peak (8,151)
  • Low Point on Rim: Palisade Point (6,700)
  • Park Established: May 22nd, 1902.
  • Park Size: 286 sq miles, 183,000 acres.
  • Average Snow: 533"