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                         Friends of Crater Lake in Action  
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Project Weekend 2012
On the weekend of Aug. 17-19 the Friends helped with several projects.  Eight eager members completely repainted the amphitheater at Mazama campground on Friday afternoon.  Then Sat morning brought 20 members to two locations—Sun Notch and the Plaikni Falls trail.  Many social trails were obliterated at Sun Notch.  The Plaikni Falls trail got some new rock edging to help the blind and other handicapped persons keep on the trail.  Sunday morning a smaller crew worked at Rim Village picking up trash and removing stakes and roping.

Park Superintendent Craig Ackerman helping Friends remove stakes and roping at rim revegetation area.

Freshly painted amphitheater building done by 8 Friends volunteers

George Roth at rim restoration project.

Ann McCaughan obliterating social trail.
On Sept. 11, 2012 about 25 Friends served lunch to approximately 2,200 cyclists who were riding through the park, some going around the rim and others on through to Prospect.  It was a busy day from about 7 AM until nearly 5 PM.

Mary White & Helene Mussuto serving drinks to the riders.

 Group getting early morning instructions from Cycle OR.


Approximately 20 Friends helped with two special events occurring in the park on Aug. 20th—the U-Haul dedication of a picture of Deep Rover (the submersible submarine that explored the bottom of the lake) on the sides of their trucks and the dedication of Plaikni Falls trail (a new handicap accessible trail in the park).  Commemorative  T-shirts were passed out at the U-Haul site.  Members helped park cars and guide visitors to the falls dedication, as well as setting up and taking down chairs.

Greg Reddell, Robert Marlow, Logan Marlow handing out T-shirts.

U-Haul truck with Deep Rover on the side.
Project Weekend 2010
Two painting projects were completed—log railings at the Pinnacles parking area and priming some siding in the maintenance area.  Camping and fireside meals are always a part of these weekends, with much camaraderie, storytelling, and sometimes music.  Greg Reddell often is the camp chef and he prepares the fixings for burritos and tacos Friday night and steak on Saturday night

George and Niel paining new railing at
Pinnacles view Point

All work and no play makes for dull Friends.

George and Judy painting in harmony

Sometimes we do take breaks
Project Weekend 2009  
A fun time was had by all as we used a pressure washer to clean the amphitheater benches and walkways.  Several Friends’ members traded back and forth using the machine, while the rest of the group obliterated social trails and rehabilitated walking trails.  In the afternoon the group moved to the south entrance where they scraped old paint from the log pillar holding the South Entrance sign and then painted it

Friends Painting the South Entrance Sign

At times we are moved to high places

Greg power-washing amphitheater benches